Jun 19

Commercial Vehicle

What is a Passenger Truck

A light-duty truck with an enclosed cabin and an open loading area at the rear, also more commonly known as a ‘pickup truck’, counts for a passenger truck. In all senses of the word, a Passenger Truck can be used for both utilitarian purposes as well as to serve lifestyle aspirations of buyers. Starting off as a vehicle of need, the ‘pickup truck was designed with a 2-seater cabin and served as a mainstream vehicle for small businessmen and entrepreneurial families. Its low loading area, coupled with a large cargo bay, made transportation of small to medium goods very easy.

Modern Passenger trucks or ‘pickup trucks’ feature a larger 4-seater cabin, with all modern amenities, capabilities and technology offered by mainstream passenger vehicles such as plush leather interiors and GPS navigation systems. Full-sized pickups and compact pick-ups feature more power to move heavier loads and are also considered to be Passenger Pickups as they back up as family vehicles too.


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