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About Pickup Trucks

About Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks or pickups are light and mid-duty vehicles with an open rear bay and an enclosed driver’s cabin to the front. Used mainly for utilitarian purposes by traders in the early 1900’s, pickup trucks were bare and simple in design and came with modest amenities. It was in the 1950’s that consumers started purchasing pickup trucks for lifestyle needs, where automobile manufacturers began to design pickups to be more consumer oriented with air conditioning, glass-windows and 3-speed transmission.

Pickups today, are designed with both, the power to perform as well as modern comforts to keep up with the needs of serving as a primary vehicle for many car buyers. Instead of the conventional single-cabin, pickups now feature double-cabins with more seating space and plush interiors depending on the make and trim of the vehicle you are purchasing. More seating does mean less space for your goods in the rear bay, not a big sacrifice if you are buying your pickup for personal use. You also get to choose between light, mid-sized, full-sized and heavy-duty pickups choosing in accordance with the power you desire from your pickup. Full-sized and heavy-duty pickups also offer 4 X 4 drive for better performance. About Pickup Trucks”>

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