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The Super Ace up our Sleeve

The Super Ace up our Sleeve

The Super ACE versatility for Vietnam

With a terrain that’s extremely disparate, Vietnam needed a commercial vehicle that’s versatile enough to live up to country’s diverse transportation needs. The vehicle that zips through urban roads should have the flexibility to manoeuver effortlessly through rural landscapes and circuitous highways. The vehicle should be able to cater to urban, semi-urban and rural market demands with ease, without burning a hole in the customer’s wallet.

The SuperAce mini-truck from Tata Motors is a perfect fit for the Vietnam market and fills a ‘huge white space’ that exists currently in the commercial vehicle segment.

Everything that the Vietnamese customer wants in a cargo transport vehicle – be it the low cost of acquisition, a sturdy engine, or a large loading deck, the SuperAce has it all. Moreover, SuperAce is the only diesel vehicle in this category in Vietnam, which gives it a clear advantage for ASEAN regions like this, where diesel is cheaper than petrol.

Here’s a look at some of the features that make SuperAce, the most-preferred choice in the mini-trucks category:

  • Low cost of acquisition makes it a sought-after choice for cost-conscious entrepreneurs
  • Time-tested design of the engine, gear box, chassis and loading deck guarantee consistent high performance
  • Assured versatility and speed makes it ideal as a last-mile-city application for the distribution of fresh produce, heavy goods and FMCG products
  • A spacious loading area and the 100 km radius option give entrepreneurs the opportunity to use it as a multi-utility vehicle
  • As the only diesel vehicle in its category it makes for an enticing option for commercial vehicle buyers in Vietnam

Globally, the response to SuperAce has been phenomenal. You’ll find thousands of SuperAce trucks plying through South Africa, South Asia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines . In Vietnam too, we expect the same kind of reception and recognition.

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