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Vietnam’s booming economy a boon for transport entrepreneurs!

Vietnam’s booming economy a boon for transport entrepreneurs!

Vietnam is a country on the move. A steadily growing economy, rising consumer demand, increasing trade volumes and easing interest rates – these are just the perfect conditions for a young entrepreneur to get his own commercial vehicle and make the most of a business opportunity. Phùng Thị Tình, a resident of Tam Dương in Vĩnh Phúc province did just that, and he is now enjoying the fruits of his entrepreneurship. Tinh, who used to drive a mini truck for his employer, saw the opportunity of self employment and purchased a Super Ace mini truck for himself. In a matter of months, the steady income from the reliable Super Ace not only improved the economics of his household, but also allowed Tinh to spend more time with his family and enjoy a better standard of living.

Tinh’s is a shining example of Vietnam’s booming commercial transport sector, with mini trucks leading the way. The consistently increasing sales of mini trucks over the past few years are a testimony to their growing popularity, and their efficiency in earning profits. Thanks to easy finance schemes and the steady stream of regular business across sectors, mini trucks have emerged as an engine of growth, not only for the entrepreneurs but also for the country’s economy. As Vietnam progresses from being a two-wheeler nation to a four-wheeler nation, mini trucks are becoming the preferred vehicles for most commercial activities. From conveying commodities and agricultural produce between markets, to transporting industrial goods between factories, warehouses and stores, mini trucks are literally moving Vietnam’s trade activities. Not to mention their versatility in everyday life – from being a people mover to doubling up as a food truck. And there is good reason why mini trucks are at the forefront of this boom. Engineered to perform all the tasks of a small pick-up truck , these mini trucks with a payload of one tonne, ideally meet the requirements for both inter and intra-city transportation. A combination of power, speed and fuel efficiency makes these mini trucks the perfect partner to the Vietnamese entrepreneur.

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