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10 Advantages of an Aluminium Load Body

10 Advantages of an Aluminium Load Body

Newer truck bodies whether medium or large, are built with aluminium bodywork due to its various advantages over steel. Here are the top 10 advantages of an aluminium load body to consider-

1) Using aluminium in place of steel, is able to cut out almost 50% of the truck’s weight if the body-design is correctly optimized, making both small and medium trucks much lighter than they originally were
2) The cost of an aluminium body is only a fraction of the cost incurred to build a steel body
3) A lighter truck body ensures less fuel is burnt during transportation
4) The reduction in weight from an aluminium load body significantly boosts engine performance, even more so in small or medium trucks
5) A decrease in overall weight, allows for higher payloads, therefore more cargo can be carried in lesser trips
6) An aluminium load body is far easier to fix or repair when needed as compared to a steel body
7) Unlike steel, aluminium exhibits higher corrosion-resistance, increasing the life of the truck’s load body by staying rust-free
8) An aluminium body can be reused when replacing an old truck, and if sold with the old truck, fetches better value than a steel body
9) Contrary to general belief, load bodies made of heat-treated aluminium have been proven to be safer than ones designed of steel
10) Being lighter helps reduce the overall possibilities of wear or unforeseen breakdowns due to excess weight loads.
10 Advantages of an Aluminium Load Body”>

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